Save up to 30 % of your Google Shopping fees!

With doo/shop, you can now benefit from the Google "SpendMatch discount" incentive program for selected European price comparisons. doo/shop is your Google-certified Premium Comparison Shopping Service (Premium CSS)!

Your benefits with doo/shop:

  • MCA-Relocation/Creation
    in max. 48 hours

  • Premium 24/7 Support

  • doo/shop is a certified
    Premium CSS

  • Company based
    in Germany

  • Daily status sessions with Google

  • Google Ads experience
    since 2003

  • 100 % Google-certified staff

  • Can be cancelled daily,
    no binding

  • No Setup Fee

How it works

Since 2017, CSS are able to place shopping ads for their affiliated online shops on Google's SERPs in Europe. It works exactly like Google's own CSS "Google Shopping" -
but with lower CPC!

SavingsYour savings

Lower CPC

With doo/shop you will pay Google a lower CPC for the same traffic or get more clicks for the same CPC, because the CPC surcharge for "Google Shopping" does not apply to doo/shop ("CPC Savings") - with us you save up to 30 %!

EinzelhändlerSimple change-over

How the change-over works

You already have a Google Ads account for bid management and a Merchant Center Account (MCA) for product data management. We will move your MCA from Google Shopping to become a sub-account with doo/shop CSS or create a new MCA for you within our doo/shop main account so that our CSS benefits can be assigned to you.

You will manage your Google Ads budgets and bids as well as your product feeds just as before. There are no changes to your daily business! Of course, we will support you with the change-over and are happy to assist you with our premium support 24/7. The change-over takes approx. 24 h/max. 48 h.

What will change: Your ads will appear with the label "by dooshop" instead of "by Google" – that's it.

We are Premium

Based in Karlsruhe (Germany), doo/shop‘s 21 European shopping portals make it one of the few Premium CSS to cover all countries that are approved for the SpendMatch discount.

"Premium CSS" is Google's highest distinction for price comparison services. It recognizes services that demonstrate a high level of competence in handling technical processes, such as tracking.

Furthermore, our employees are thoroughly tested and certified experts for Google Shopping and Google Ads. We also have specialized marketing software that has been developed in-house as well as an optimized organizational and support structure.

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